Full Stride Kennel provides your dog with an all-inclusive alternative to the traditional boarding kennel.  Your pup will receive:  INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION and OUTDOOR PLAYTIME and any special dietary needs or medications are included in the daily price.


Full Stride Kennel provides a home-style environment for your pet whether you are taking an overnight business trip, a weekend get-away or an extended vacation.  Your dog will become part of our family, regardless  of the length of his stay. 


The get-acquainted day is a full 24-hour trial period, prior to the initial visit, to determine if your dog will fit into the Full Stride Kennel program.  This applies to  dogs that have been adopted through animal rescue organizations or dogs that display behavioral problems.  This gives the staff time to evaluate one-on-one how your dog will respond to the routine at Full Stride Kennel.


Full Stride Kennel's staff is committed to learning about your dog's habits and developing a relationship based on your dog's personality.  By spending time with your dog in the playroom and outdoor area, we can assess your dog's activity level and temperament.  This personal attention will help your dog gain confidence and trust in the staff and will enable him to be comfortable in his surroundings so he can have a relaxed, stress-free stay each time he visits Full Stride Kennel.


Full Stride Kennel is a heated/air-conditioned cage-free facility.  All dogs, or families of dogs (2 or more) have their own room that will be their "comfort zone" during their stay.  The private rooms are spacious enough for your dog to bring his own bed or crate and his favorite toys so he can relax and enjoy his meals   without the competition of other dogs.  Your dog will be secure in his own space and quickly learn that each time he enters his room he will be rewarded with a treat.


Full Stride Kennel, LLC, is an alternative boarding facility located in the Southern Green Mountains of Vermont.  The small, home-style atmosphere allows your dog(s) to be comfortable in their own room and to relax  or to play outside in the large fenced areas.    The hands-on staff will be happy to pamper your pooch with pats, playtime and plenty of good wholesome treats. 

The "LOW-DEMAND/HIGH-REWARD" program allows pups to enjoy a stress-free environment, and allows owners to have a guilt-free vacation from their dogs.


About Our Personalized Care

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